Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa thought McKenzie was Good this year

At Build a Bear

Santa came to Papa and Mimi house.

Christmas morning

Here she comes half a sleep.....

Santa was here.

Christmas is so much fun with McKenzie. She takes her time with each gift. This year we started a new tradition, Elf on a Shelf. We named our Elf "Hermie"....Yes, from the Rudolph movie. But Hermie would sit high on a shelf and watch McKenzie, then at night he flies to Santa, lets Santa know if McKenzie had been good that day and fly back to some where different in the house. Every morning, McKenzie would wake up and try to find Hermie. It was so priceless how excited she would get when she found him. Santa left McKenzie a letter with an unstuffed pink Build A Bear bear under the tree, saying Hermie loved waching her and thanked her for being a good girl. Yesterday, she went and got her new Bear stuffed. you will see it in the pictures. Hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas.

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Samantha said...

How much fun!!! We are going to do Elf on a Shelf next year and I just can't wait! I am so glad yall had a wonderful Christmas! Hunter had lots of fun.. I'll post pictures on our blog soon.
love ya!