Friday, January 9, 2009

A Lost Dog

Yesterday, McKenzie and I was in the backyard playing, Randy called and asked me to look out the front windows but don't open the door. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Anyway, I looked and there was an old small dog laying in front of our door. McKenzie has been wanting a small dog, so she was very excited. Its very hard on a 4 year old to understand we can't keep it even through it was on our door step. We have 3 Bassett Hounds. That is ENOUGH. We walked around to see if any of our neighbors had lost there dog, but didn't have any luck. We put the dog in our dog run and McKenzie and I made poster. Before it got to late, McKenzie took it one of her doll blankets and rug to the little dog to sleep on. It was really sweet of her. Early this morning, we recieved a call from the owners. They have a 6 year old that left the gate open.
McKenzie was sad to see the dog go, and she was happy that it's owners found there dog.


Jill said...

So sweet of her to take care of the dog. I bet it was hard for her to let it go.

Jill said...

Geez!! Man, you sure are looking OLD Cindy!

Your favorite cousin Tim